RMI v2 - Sneak Peek

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Profiles illustrated in Groups

Keycaps Groups on A1200 Keyboard - By colors

Luckily the A1200 contains almost all profiles within it’s keyboard.
Except the shorter A600 space bar and the A600 Return key cumbersome stabilizer “clips”.

One of the missing profile on A1200 Keyboard as not illustrated below is the ANSI return key.

Profiles illustrated in Groups

-Group 11 - The rebels

Because Commodore decided they didn’t had enough fun yet Group 11 contains 8 unique profiles for 8 unique keycaps.
This mean there is only 1x keycap to manufacture for each of these profiles.
And it is absolutely necessary to produce these..

From LEFT to RIGHT on rear view:

  • A1200 Space Bar
  • A600 Space Bar
  • ANSI Return Key
  • ISO Return Key
  • Keypad Enter Key
  • Keypad Number “0” Key
  • CTRL Key
  • TAB Key