New Website, new possibilities!

Dear Backers, Amigans and Followers,

The Team is delighted to welcome you on this new site! :D
To be more flexible and content ready for future announcements as well as products review and updates we’ve moved to a more sustainable solution.

This updated site will allow us to publish elements more easily for all the products we have in mind and that we’d like to share with the Amiga community.
Since the first one-page-only site (more of a landing page really) hosted on this very same url we can safely say that a lot has happened.
Because running a KS campaign is more than just having a page hosted on Kickstarter site we knew since the beginning that we had to provide a better web presence.
This was done with website previous version 2 which also launched R.M.I. for you to manage your perks.

After we’ve started the first project that is to manufacture new Amiga 1200 cases for our beloved computer, we certainly did not thought that doing so would lead us to such an amazing audience.
And this audience is not only waiting for the case itself but also expecting for more products/devices to come!

Therefore and to service all you correctly it was necessary for our previous A1200.NET site to undergo a third upgrade.

And what an upgrade!
While all functions are not fully available yet and we mainly refer to RMI integration, you still have access externally to current RMI by clicking on the menu link.


Version 1


Version 2


Version 3

New RMI (on the way):
Some weeks ago heavy changes within RMI code had been induced so that it could support multiple campaigns.
You may already have had a glimpse of these changes while login in.

But it became clear that this was not enough so development has been halted.
This online tool that all of you backers were using to select your Rewards options for the A1200 cases rewards will stay as it is.

So A NEW online tool (RMI v2) is on its way and it’ll support multiple campaigns.

RMI v.2 will allow you to:

  • Full backer profile management
  • Update and change your rewards options even after campaign has ended
  • Edit/update your shipping address
  • Follow reward packing & shipping statuses
  • Messaging system

RMI v.2 will grant the Team with:

  • Better link between RMI and our PMs (Project Managers – as in manufacturer PM)
  • Easier project management (as in resources)
  • Support multiple campaigns
  • Better Manufacturing steps, packing and shipping statuses tracking service.


Current campaign update:

  • Since the last KS campaign update announcing that 3D model have been green-lighted:
    • Last week of June: We’ve seen with manufacturer about Molds Tooling setup and preparation.
    • Tooling started last week. (1st Week of July)
    • Tooling process should last 5 weeks minimum. And this includes all 3 molds.
  • Next campaign update including photos of early tooling processes is expected as soon as we get photos to publish. :D
  • Following each photos batches we get, we’ll push new updates online for you to witness progress as well.
  • Progress updates to be available as KS update news and also published on


Thanks to all of you for your support!