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A500 Case & Vinyl Gatefold

  • Revitalize your retro computing experience with the Amiga 1354 Tank Mouse Replacement Shell — engineered for precision, durability, and the classic feel.
  • The Amiga 500 Accessories Kit contains all the necessary extension cables and adapters for the New A500 case right side trap door. It is the perfect companion for your Raspberry Pi or Apollo Vampire / Apollo SA boards. Link
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    Amiga 500 Crystal case

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    The Amiga 500 Crystal Bundle is unique and limited in quantity! To produce this exquisite case, plastic injection molds were polished to an extreme so that the plastic would render transparent. With the grind of all polished surfaces to produce standard cases, the Crystal version can't be done anymore. The case comes with its unique Crystal Tank Mouse shell.
  • Amiga A1200 Original Color Theme Keycaps Rediscover the classic look of your Amiga computer with our Amiga A1200 Original Keycaps set color theme. This color them collection brings the authentic feel and aesthetic of the iconic Amiga 1200 to your fingertips. Our comprehensive set provides 108 keycaps, delivering a complete solution for replacing yellowed or worn keys on your cherished Amiga Classic computers. Crafted with compatibility in mind, the set includes additional caps to fit both ISO and ANSI keyboard layouts, with special attention to the unique profile of the A600. With the Amiga A1200 Original Keycaps set, you are assured of a perfect fit and a true-to-original typing experience.      
  • A set of 100x High-Quality Keyboard Springs for Mitsumi Hybrid switches
  • New Amiga Keycaps Set  Amiga Keycaps Set [Black] are replacement keycaps for the Amiga Classics computers. Each sets contains 108 keycaps. These will replace all your current yellowed and worn caps. Sets can be used on ISO & ANSI keyboards and you can find extra caps to support the specifics of the A600 profiles. With these you make your old keyboard get its glory & shine back!  
  • Amiga Metal Keychain | Sleek Embossed Metallic Design Introducing the Amiga Metal Keychain – a contemporary twist on a classic. This keychain boasts a polished, embossed metallic design that reflects the innovative spirit of the Amiga era. It's not just a keychain; it's a statement piece for tech enthusiasts and retro fans alike. Elegantly crafted, this keychain features a sturdy metal construction, ensuring your keys are securely fastened with an air of sophistication. The iconic Amiga logo is embossed on the surface, offering a tactile experience as you reminisce about the golden age of computing. Each keychain comes in a tastefully designed black box with the Amiga logo, making it a premium gift choice for anyone who appreciates the finer details of retro computing accessories.   Key Features
    • Durable metallic build with a polished finish
    • Embossed Amiga logo for a distinctive style
    • Presented in a branded, elegant gift box
    • Ideal for collectors and enthusiasts of the Amiga legacy
      Adorn your key collection with the Amiga Metal Keychain, a sleek accessory that not only serves a practical purpose but also celebrates the enduring influence of the Amiga brand.