Scourge Of The Underkind A500 Bundle + Game


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In stock

Scourge Of The Underkind A500 Bundle + Game

Introducing the ultimate replacement case for your Amiga 500 computer, designed in partnership with Eleventh Hour Games : The Scourge Of The Underkind A500 Bundle!

This case is the perfect way to give your beloved computer a new lease on life, with a unique design inspired by Eleventh Hour Games’ hit title, Scourge of the Underkind.

The case and its box feature a custom theme that perfectly matches the game’s aesthetic, and they come packaged together in a bundle that includes a range of exciting extras.

The bundle includes the game too.


The Scourge Of The Underkind A500 Bundle is an all in one complete package that’s perfect for fans of Eleventh Hour upcoming Game hit title.


Inside The Scourge Of The Underkind Bundle!

  • A glossy Gatefold, custom designed and containing an amazing Vinyl record plus a Compact disc, both featuring the incredible soundtrack of Scourge of the Underkind composed by the most talented TRIACE/Desire and Johan Letfors.
    Bonus tracks are also available.
  • A User’s manual to help you get started slaying monsters in Scourge of the Underking.
  • A Download code to redeem your game through :
    Using the serial code to get your Special Edition version of the game *only at game release
  • A Tank Mouse replacement shell that perfectly matches the case’s custom color
  • A custom Metal case badge : “Scourge Of The Underkind – Limited Edition”


Random additional freebies (while stock last!)
– Custom Mousepad
– Floppy Disk / Label


  • The Vinyl Gatefold is also available separately


What’s in the box

  • 1x Metal Badge “Scourge Of The Underkind – Limited Edition”
  • 1x Gatefold + Vinyl Soundtrack + CD Soundtrack
  • 1x Game User Manual
  • 1x Scourge Of The Underkind – Game Download Code
  • 1x A500 Case custom SOTU color
  • 1x Bottom Trap Door
  • 2x Rear Trap Doors (RJ45 & Plain)
  • 1x Left Side Trap Door
  • 2x Right Side Trap Doors (I/O Ports & Plain)
  • 4x Pads + 1x Floppy button
  • 6x Screws
  • Volume : 22, 572 cm3
  • Weight : 1680 grams*
  • Volume/Weight : 2200 grams* (not including game perks).
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