How does this all work?

Retro computer enthusiasts supports our team to create replacement parts
And it can be confusing on how we operate.


The team uses Crowdfunding platforms to make new compatible parts for Amiga & retro hardware.

  • Crowdfunding campaigns helps us to build industrial tools to produce replacement parts.
  • These tools are necessary. Original tools are long gone and new ones are necessary to make new replacement parts for the Amiga classic line of computers and other products.

    IndieGoGo or Kickstarter aren’t marketplaces nor online shops.


    • If you are not patient – please do not contribute
      – These industrial projects can take years to deliver!
    • When you pledge on any Crowdfunding campaign
      – You are NOT placing any order!– You are JUST financially supporting a project.
    • When said project reaches production
      – You will get the corresponding reward to your pledge.
    • Keep in mind that
      – You are only financially supporting a project.
      The nature of these projects (plastic injection) yield a risk of losing 100% of the funds you supported the project with.


Should you disagree with any of these statements
Please do not support any crowdfunding campaign!

2 ► See Diagram below to understand flows.

Two different channels are available to obtain our products

  • Crowdfunding
    • 1 – Campaign is OPEN
      Supporters can pledge on any reward or options and have access to early birds.
      The campaign is usually open for 30+ days.
    • 2 – Campaign hit the Goal -> In-Demand.
      The InDemand features starts – for a limited period of time.
      Supporters have access to selected rewards only.
      No access to early birds.
    • 3 – Between One to Three months after In-Demand is closed.
      Campaign is added to RMI (Reward Management Interface)
      Online RMI site allows you to select your options if needed and to control your shipping information.
  • Direct Sales
    • A – A1200net will distribute our products in the near future
    • B – Partners and resellers are distributing a selected number of our products.