How does A1200net operates


The team uses Crowdfunding platforms to create new compatible parts for Amiga & retro hardware.

  • Crowdfunding campaigns helps us to build industrial tools to produce replacement parts.
  • These tools are necessary. Original tools are long gone and new ones are necessary to make new replacement parts for the Amiga classic line of computers and other products.

    IndieGoGo or Kickstarter aren’t marketplaces nor online shops.


    • If you are not patient – please do not contribute
      – These industrial projects can take years to deliver!
    • When you pledge on any Crowdfunding campaign
      – You are NOT placing any order!– You are JUST financially supporting a project.
    • When said project reaches production
      – You will get the corresponding reward to your pledge.
    • Keep in mind that
      – You are only financially supporting a project.
      The nature of these projects (plastic injection) yield a risk of losing 100% of the funds you supported the project with.


Should you disagree with any of these statements
Please do not support any crowdfunding campaign!

2 ► Flow Chart.

Two different channels are available to obtain our products

  • Crowdfunding
    • 1 – Campaign is Launched
      Supporters have access to all rewards and early birds pledges.
      Campaigns usually run for 30+ days.
    • 2 – Campaign reaches Goal -> In-Demand.
      The In-Demand pages are launched for a limited period of time.
      Supporters have only access to standard rewards.
    • 3 – In-Demand is closed.
      Campaign is added to RMI.v2 (Reward Management Interface)
      RMI.v2 allows contributors select options for their reward and save shipping address.
  • Direct Sales
    • A – The A1200.net site distribute our products
    • B – Only a selected number of our products are available through Partners and resellers.

Where to Buy?

1. New Amiga 1200 Cases

New Official Amiga 1200 cases are available from online resellers. Click here :  – Where To Buy


2. All other products

From the Web Store after products are launched.

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What is RMI v2?

Reward Management Interface

An online application for crowdfunding contributors to select their reward options.

Pledge & rewards are available through RMI.v2 between 1 to 3 months after a campaign has closed.


On RMI contributors can :

  • Edit / Update shipping address
  • Select rewards options (colors etc..)
  • Select bonuses options  (T-shirt size …)
  • Partners Vouchers programs : curated offers from our partners only available to contributors
  • Parcel shipping status & tracking number

RMI.v2 is always open

Please note :

  • Pledge & rewards will only show in RMI.v2 once campaign has ended.
  • RMI.v2 has two date time limits for each campaign
    – The date until when you can edit/update your options selection.
    – The date until when you can edit/update your shipping address.

Amiga 1200 case backers:

Accessing RMI.v2

  • Use your Indiegogo account email to Login
  • First time user : click on CLAIM / RESET PASSWORD using your IndieGoGo email to activate your account.

How does RMI.v2 works?

Product not available in the Shop?

  • New Amiga 1200 cases : only available from online resellers
  • Other products : To be available in the course of 2022

Amiga Keycaps compatibility

New Amiga Keycaps are compatible with following criteria

  1. Keyboard switches : Mitsumi Hybrid
  2. Amiga 500 / Amiga 2000 / Amiga 3000(T) / Amiga 600 / Amiga 1200 / Amiga 4000(T)

Compatibility Note

All Amiga keyboards are more than 30 years old. Not all Amiga keyboards were manufactured by the same factory. Throughout the existence of Commodore & Escom, while Mitsumi Hybrid keyboards were requested to be produced following the same design, each manufacturer introduced almost imperceptible variations. 
As such it is expected that in some occasions a keycaps might not sit correctly on its stems – popping up from its switch easily.

Can I support a project when the campaign is over?

When a campaign ends new contributors can still support it for the duration of the IndieGoGo InDemand feature.

IndieGoGo InDemand is a feature offered by IndieGoGo that allows new supporters to join the party once a campaign has ended and only if it reached its Goal.

By supporting a project on IndieGoGo or IndieGoGo Indemand you agree to following statements below:

  1. The contribution you made on said project is non refundable.
    Refund requests are possible under certain circumstances and prior tooling processes where your funds are engaged.
  2. A1200NET is a Team of passionate people running Amiga & retro computer related projects. They do this on their spare time and each team member has his own day job. As such there is no other time of delivery than the one available on the Crowdfunding campaign page.

    Due to the nature of these projects being in heavy industry, delays are part of the projects.
    When delays happen, they can expand the duration and wait time for your rewards to reach you by several months or years.

    – You are advised to always follow campaign updates thoroughly to stay informed and up to date with current progress.

  3. You agree you are not buying a finished nor currently available product. You are merely financially supporting its project.
  4. You agree you are supporting & helping A1200NET to build the tools necessary to produce this item.
  5. As IndieGoGo states it you understand that you do not directly buy a finished product, but only contribute to the process of creating the tools needed in said item production.
    Risk is always part of any crowdfunding project.
    Therefore you understand and agree that A1200.NET Team can’t be held responsible for external elements or events that could lead the Team to not being able to produce the item, and even that such events could render the project to a fail.
    But it’s unlikely to happen :)
  6. #AmigaRulez!