How does this all work? (A.k.a = I don’t understand anything)

How does this all work?



Amigans willing to help the team in his efforts;
sometimes find it confusing on how this all works.



1 ► A1200Net team runs Crowdfunding Campaigns to create new compatible Amiga parts.

  • The team does not sell any products online. Except for accessories.
  • Crowdfunding campaigns helps the team to create new expensive industrial tools, to produce Amiga parts.
  • New tools are necessary to build new replacement parts for the Amiga Classic line of computers. Original tools have been long scrapped.
  • IndieGoGo or Kickstarter aren’t marketplaces nor online shops.
    • When you pledge on a Crowdfunding campaign you do NOT order a product;  your pledge is a contribution to the project.
    • For campaign purpose the team might use the online shop to offer further pledge options to backers. The item you pledge for on the shop has the mention “Campaign Support” and is not a straight purchase. Contribution made from the online shop are bound to the same campaign it is linked and subject to all its details and aspects.
      Should you disagree with this way of support, do not use online shop to support any crowdfunding campaign.



2 ► See Diagram below to understand flows.

  • What website does what.
  • Purpose of each site.


Where to Buy?



1 ► New Amiga 1200 Cases Distribution

The Team manufactured Molds for new Amiga 1200 cases with help of the international Amiga Community and Kickstarter.
While these New Official Amiga 1200 cases were only available to backers at first, there is now a schedule for public release.

  • Availability : Q2-2018


2 ► New Compatible Amiga Keycaps Distribution

  • No schedule as of now for public distribution.
What are RMI & RMI v2?

What are RMI & RMI v2?


RMI stands for : Reward Management Interface. It is the online interface all crowdfunding backers following A1200.NET campaigns need to use to select their options.

Your reward options appears within RMI a full month after the campaign you pledged on has closed.


RMI is an online tool for KS Backers to do the following:

  • Edit / Update their Shipping Address
  • Select their reward colors like cases or keycaps colors options
  • Chose bonuses options like T-shirt size, Mugs logo etc..
  • Collect their Vouchers from our Partners
  • Follow Shipping Status & Tracking number
  1. A first version called RMI.v1 is still available for Case backers only.
    This version will merge later on within RMI.v2.
  2. Current version is RMI.v2 :
    For keycaps campaign and ALL further KS campaign to come.

RMI.v2 is always open :


  • Options for any IGG or KS campaigns are only available after the corresponding campaign is finished.
  • When no IIG nor KS campaigns are running, you can always connect through RMI.v2 to see your pledges & options
  • Shortly before production starts (for related campaigns), RMI.v2 Options and Choices selectors are locked!
    > No further changes in options are allowed to backers


  • Use RMI v1 only!

Created just after the New Amiga 1200 Kickstarter campaign.
Link: https://www.a1200.net/backers

FOR KEYCAPS BACKERS & All other campaigns

  • Use RMI v2 only!
  • RMI.v2 is still under development, you’ll access to Shipping pages just before shipment of keycaps will take place.
    Thank you for your understanding.

How to log in RMI.v1 or RMI.v2?

To log in
– Use your Indiegogo/Kickstarter account email

No Password?
– If you’re a first time user -> You need to CLAIM a new password first.
> Fill in your IGG / KS account email
> Click on REQUEST button.

Shortly after you’ll get an email containing a LINK to generate your password.
Make sure you’re using the correct designated RMI version!

Campaign Support page is Closed? – Why?

The Campaign Support page is Closed?
– Why?


  • The Campaign Support page isn’t always open
    It depends if the team needed the page to allow backers to access extra SE pledges, and/or Late backer to pledge on standard rewards.
  • When the Support page is closed it means
    = Earliest Crowdfunding Campaigns didn’t had the need for it
    = The page had to be closed to foresee all needed preparations to schedule mass production.
What’s the “Campaign Support” page?


The Campaign Support page helps you to Pledge for extra or new rewards from a given campaign.


Here’s how:

  • You’re a backer but want to ADD an extra pledge? 
    • – No problem!
      1. Look for the section related to current Crowdfunding Campaign. You can add a (new) pledge through it!
      2. You can pledge on Regular or Special Edition rewards depending your level of pledge within the campaign.
      3. Wait up to 24/48 hours to see your (extra) pledge being added within your account RMI.v2


  • You’ve missed a Crowdfunding Campaign? 
    • – No worries, we got your back.
      1. Look for the section related to current Kickstarter. You can pledge through that section!
      2. You can pledge on Regular rewards only!
      3. Wait up to 24/48 hours to see your pledge & rewards being added within your account on RMI.v2





By using this page you’ll become a BACKER
Like all other backers on each Crowdfunding campaigns

If you do not want to be a backer
Do not use the Campaign Support Page.



“Campaign Support Page” vs. “Shop” – What’s the difference?

Campaign Support Page vs. The Shop


  • The Campaign Support

    • For late backers willing to pledge on a reward after the campaign has ended on the Crowdfunding platform.
    • For current Backers willing to ADD an extra reward on their current pledge
    • This is NOT a shop. A pledge isn’t an order


  • The Shop

    • TEAM Official shop
    • You can order accessories like badges or specific items




Please read “Where To Buy?” FAQ section


RMI.v2 – How it works?

RMI.v2 – How it works?

Read RMI.v2 dedicated BLOG ENTRY for all details about RMI.v2 operations.


No cases or keycaps availables on the Shop! Why?

The Shop


  • The Shop list of items only contains – NON –  KS Campaigns products.
  • This might change depending KS campaigns content or products in the future
  • However to buy any of our products you should read the “Where To Buy?” FAQ section to stay up to date
Are Keycaps only compatible with Amiga 1200?


Keycaps fullsets are compatible with keyboards from the following computers models:
– Amiga 500 / Amiga 2000 / Amiga 3000(T) / Amiga 600 / Amiga 1200 / Amiga 4000(T)


  • Please Note:
    • Some early Amiga computers keyboards were NOT using Mitsumi Hybrid Switches!
      • Therefore these keyboards are not compatible.
      • Please check your keyboard technical specifications first.
Where & How to get color matching keycaps for my cases?
  • Amiga compatible Keycaps sets were only available from Kickstarter for now.
    Public distribution might be possible at a later time.
  • Backers from Kickstarter (Keycaps campaign) can choose their  colors using the Reward Management Interface v2. (RMI.v2).
  • If you missed the Kickstarter
     -> For a brief and temporary period of  time you can still support the campaign through the Campaign Support Page
I have more questions!

Projects Details & Information


  • Team’s projects are fully  covered over their respective Kickstarter project pages.
  • You can also find on this site the same informations available on dedicated project pages.
  • Contact the Team if you have a special request: Contact
I’ve pledged on Keycaps, Where to buy a matching case ?
  • New cases aren’t available from the Team website
  • You can get New Case from Amiga Dealers only when these will be available.
  • Please see “Where To Buy?” section.


I’ve pledged on Special Edition Keycaps – How to get a color-matching Case ?

=> If you’ve backed any of the following Keycaps sets Theme:

  • CD32 Theme
  • Apollo Team
  • Pix’n’Love
  • Desire
  • Skidrow

=> You can get a New Amiga 1200 case to match your keycaps SE theme.

– In RMI v2 (when available) you’ll automatically generate a VOUCHER from your SE theme.
– Pledge on your desired matching Cases.
– Apply the VOUCHER on your Pledge Basket to reduce the Special Edition Case price pledge.

– Except for Metal Serie, all matching SE cases contribution is at same level: €79

Can we still support a Kickstarter project after its Campaign is over?

When Kickstarter campaign end, new backers can still support it using the Campaign Support Page.

Please note:
By supporting a project through the Campaign Support Page you agree to the same rules as Kickstarter and you agree to:

  1. You agree that your contribution made on a project item is non refundable. Still you can request if possible under certain circumstances.
  2. You agree that A1200NET is a Team of passionate peoples running Amiga related projects aside their own day job and as such there is no other time of delivery than the one available on the related Kickstarter campaign page – at best!
    However, due to projects heavy industrial nature delays are part of it and they can happen.
    – You’re advised to follow campaign updates on Kickstarter thoroughly as to stay up to date!
  3. You agree that you’re not buying a finished nor currently available product, but merely support the item project.
  4. You agree that you’re supporting & helping A1200NET to build the tools necessary to produce this item.
  5. As Kickstarter states it you understand that you do not directly buy a finished product, but merely contribute to the process of creating it. Risk is always part of any crowdfunding project. Therefore you understand and agree that A1200.NET Team can’t be held responsible for external elements or events that could lead the Team to not being able to produce the item, and even that such events could render the project to a fail. But it’s unlikely to happen 🙂
  6. #AmigaRulez!
Select Colors or any Options – after pledge on KS Support Page!

The example given below contains options related to Keycaps Sets.
Your options might differs and are related to the item you’ve pledged on.
However  the process stays the same.

  • STEP-1 > Make a pledge
  1. Go to www.a1200.net
  2. Click on the GREEN link in the top menu > KS CAMPAIGN SUPPORT
  3. On new page > Click on Compatible Keycaps
  4. Click on the Standard Keycaps Set IMAGE -> This will take you to the Keycaps description page



  • STEP-2 > Chose your colors
  1. Choose from your options. (this example has 2 layouts options)
      1. > SINGLE Colored Layout
        = ALL keycaps have the same body color.

      2. > DUAL Colored Layout
        = Special Keys & Function Keys of one color. Regular Keys of another color.Example of DUAL Colored Layout


  • STEP-3 > Keyboard Language Layout & Colors confirmation using RMI v2
    1. After 24/48 hours you can Log in RMI.v2
    2. Specify and confirm which colors by name, you want to get for each one of your keycaps sets.
    3. So even you have multiple sets you can tailor the colors of each one of them.
      • One color for Special & Function keys
      • Another color for Regular keys
    4. Chose your Language Layout


► Please see “What are RMI & RMI v2?” FAQ for more informations.


I order can’t order any products on Campaign Support Page?

Campaign Support Page IS NOT A SHOP!


► You can’t place ORDERS on it.
– It’s the follow up page for each Crowdfunding campaigns. Pledging on an Item on this page makes you a backer.
– After having contributed on an Item, you’ll be added to RMI v2 like all bakers.

Please note:
– Only items available on Campaign support page are; Un-pledged Special Edition items or Standard items.