RMI & RMI v2


RMI stands for : Reward Management Interface.
It is the online interface all crowdfunding backers supporting A1200.NET campaigns need to use to select their options.

Your pledge always appears within RMI between 1 to 3 months after a campaign has closed.


RMI is an online tool for Backers to do the following:

  • Edit / Update their Shipping Address
  • Select rewards options like colors etc..
  • Select bonuses options like T-shirt size, Mugs logo etc..
  • Use and benefit of our partners Vouchers programs
    (under development)
  • Follow shipping status with tracking number
  1. A first version called RMI.v1 is still available for A1200 case backers only. This version will merge later on within RMI.v2
  2. Current version is RMI.v2 :
    For ALL campaigns except A1200 Cases.

RMI.v2 is always open

All backers, please note this:

  • When contributing to a crowdfunding campaign, your pledge options will only be available after the campaign has ended.
  • You can always access your pledges through RMI.v2 to review options, and perks.
  • RMI.v2 has two date time limits for each campaign
    – The date until when you can edit/update your options selection.
    – The date until when you can edit/update your shipping address.

Amiga 1200 case backers:

Please use RMI v1 only.
Created just after the New Amiga 1200 Kickstarter campaign.
Link: https://www.a1200.net/backers

How to access RMI?

To log in
– Use your Indiegogo account email!

No Password?
– If you’re a first time user
-> You need to CLAIM a new password first.
> Fill in your IGG
> Click on REQUEST button.

When this is done you’ll get an email with a LINK to generate your password.