Asahi Amiga 1200 Series


The Asahi Amiga 1200 Series

The Asahi Amiga 1200 Series is essentially an ode to the Japanese influence on our technological modernization.
‘Asahi’ is the Japanese word for ‘Rising Sun’, a fitting name for these special translucent color editions and we hope you can also appreciate the special box art and metal case badge designs for this truly special edition case.

Why Japanese influence you ask?
Few may know, but the Cathode Ray Tube (short CRT) monitor was invented in Japan as early as 1925 and was the inspiration for a Russian-American inventor to complete his journey.

Digital (or switching) circuits was another invention by NEC, a Japanese company.

Denon, yet another Japanese company revolutionized the commercial digital audio recordings, and we all know the WalkMan from Sony which we surely have fond memories of.

These are only a few of the great achievements we can speak of, but they made a positive impact on our childhood.

We created a limited number of cases to be produced. Unlike other products, this one was developed along side our other projects (no crowdfunding) without impacting those timelines.
For this reason, this took almost two years to be done without anyone essentially waiting.

There are 200 units per color available and we will make no more – thus allow these to be exclusive to those who decided to have their Amiga reside in something truly special.

The colours available are:

  • Haruku Green (Hulk)
  • Arashi Grey (Storm)
  • Shinkai Blue (Deep Ocean)
  • Akuma  Red (Devil)


These four cases represent the earth, wind, water and fire of Japan.

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