RMI.v1 is dead, long live RMI.v2!

This new version does look a lot like the previous one but it is a whole new developed tool from scratch and Thanks to Paul H. our latest joined team member 🙂

It’s accessible from the top MENU or at this address ► https://www.a1200.net/rmi


RMIv2 does exactly what RMIv1 was doing:
– Collecting your wishes regarding keycaps colours, language layout & bonuses options.

  • It’s integrated with the Campaign Support Page and when/if necessary can generate vouchers directly within your account.
  • Also you can message the team directly from within the interface, and we’ll answer directly to your email.
  • The next features to be added shortly are the Packing/Shipping tracking page.

Let’s see some screens…

RMI.v2 – Video Intro

RMI.v2 – HowTo

Login Screen

1- Login Screen:

  • Kickstarter Backers use their KS email account and need to CLAIM / RESET their password for first time use.
  • Campaign Support Backers user their Support email account and same password.
Login Screen

2- Claim / Reset Password:

  • Use this feature for your first LOGIN or to Reset your password.
  • An email will be send to you shortly. Please also check your Spam Folder.
    • Warning:  @T-online.de
      – If your email account is hosted by T-online.de you may NOT receive any email.
      Please contact us.
Login Screen

3- Campaign Selector

  • Rmi.v2 is ready to manage multiple KS Campaign.
  • Click on the KS Campaign Image to select which project you’d like to manage your rewards on.
  • You can easily switch campaign by clicking on the  “Campaign Selector” menu entry on the left.
    • Info:
      – The New A1200 Case campaign isn’t integrated yet. It’ll be soon.
Login Screen

4- Welcome Screen

  • From here you can access any of the Menu entries on the left.
  • It is wise to start with you Profile to check your Shipping Address!
  • Then you can manage your Pledges & Rewards.
  • Send us a message if needed.
  • Logout disconnects you from RMI.v2
  • Remainder: On the bottom left you always remember which KS Campaign you’re in.
Login Screen

4- Profile Details

  • For now this does only contain your Shipping Address.
  • Please CHECK your SHIPPING ADDRESS at first Login!
Login Screen

5- Pledges & Rewards

All Rewards (the items) are within Pledges containers (the grey background).

For ease of management Backers having multiple pledges sometimes can see more than one container.

Check your Rewards & Keycaps Theme and Layouts to be correct!

Each container details the following:

  • Pledged Amount : Self explanatory
  • Amiga Supporter! : This category is used by two rules
    • If you pledged a bit more than necessary for the reward + shipping, the extra goes here! Thank you 😉
    • If you pledged through the Campaign Support Page, this value is used as temp value due to the currency change between EUR and S$.
      • Campaign Support Page currency is € (EURO)
      • KS Campaign currency is S$ (Singapore Dollar)
    • So if you see a value in here does not mean anything is wrong, it mean all is ok!
  • Shipping fees : This is the amount dedicated to shipping fees.
    • Depending your pledges, you can have multiple shipping fee entries
    • Shipping fees can be of different values if you pledged from the Campaign Support Page
  • Reward Value : This contains the value and details of your first reward.
    • If your reward has options these are described below and you may change/edit your options for as long as it is possible
    • Warning: Options might be limited in time so make sure you’ve made your choices asap.

6- Differences between KS Backers & Campaign Support Backers

  • Some rewards might be reserved to Kickstarter Backers.
  • This is the case regarding CD32 Themed Keycaps Set!
  • On the LEFT image the CD32 Theme isn’t available to Campaign Support Backers.
  • On the RIGHT image the CD32 Theme is available to Kickstarter Backers.



Login Screen

7- Extra Rewards

  • These section shows bonuses that each backers will receive by default.
Login Screen

8- Vouchers Creation

  • Click on the “YES” button to start the Voucher creation Wizard.
  • Important: Read all details and Warning message!
  • Click on “Ok, I get it!” button.
  • Vouchers are created directly within your account on Campaign Support Page.
  • Login Campaign Support Page with the same email & password used on RMIv2!
  • You can find your vouchers on two locations:
    • 1. Under My AccountMy Vouchers
    • 2. Inside your basket but only AFTER having added the related reward to the vouchers.
  • Copy/Paste the codes in the VOUCHERS field and click “OK
  • Campaign Support Page ► LINK
Login Screen
Login Screen
Login Screen
Login Screen
Login Screen