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A beauty anew

Treat your Amiga 1200 with a new case

Because time has done his odd job with help of UV light your Amiga 1200 case is most certainly yellowed to a certain level.
This mild coloration for some or very hard yellowed for others is due to fire retardant chemicals located within the original cases plastic itself.
These chemicals reacts to light and more precisely to UV light and one of the result for that is this yellow color your case is getting.
Retr0brighting isn’t a permanent solution as the result diminishes over time moving the case back to a previous yellow status.
New Amiga 1200 cases are made of UV resistant plastic so that his color will remain the same over the course of time.

A beauty anew

Expansion friendly case with perks

Discreet almost invisible enhancements

Fear not the installation of expansions boards as the case natively supports the most common of them.

Enhancements_A1200_FlagAmiga 1200 case details
The new Official Amiga 1200 cases features and enhancements are detailed below.


Prototype with A_Keyboard_200



Cases are made using Injection Molding manufacturing technique to produce top and bottom shells as well as trapdoors and parts.
The process implies the use of 3 new molds.
First one for the top shell, second mold for the bottom shell and last one for trapdoors and parts.
No old or 20+ yo industrial parts have been used in this process.

General Specs:
These new cases are perfect replicas of Commodore design.
Some areas of the case have been enhanced for a smooth installation of nowadays expansions boards.

Main differences between original Commodore case and the New A1200 case:
– Plastic is 100% UV proof to avoid case to turn yellow over time
– Screw brass inserts in all 6 new screw towers for smooth operations. No more broken plastic clips.
– Bottom trapdoor offers better cooling with extra vents and 3x rear trapdoors are available: Plain door, VGA hole, DVI hole
– Supports for: Raspberry Pi©, MiST© FPGA, Keyrah© V2 keyboard adapter, RapidRoad© DoubleUSB  and Lotharek© HxC Floppy emulator
– Multiple colors available

Enhancements_A1200_FlagDetails overview
The case is a perfect replica of the original Amiga 1200 case by Commodore. It supports all Amiga 1200 motherboards and contains some enhancements and perks that makes it unique and tries to perfect the original.

Made of Anti-UV plastic to prevent the case to turn yellow after several years of use.

Brass Inserts & Screw dimensions:

To ensure case to last even after multiple open/close operations 8x new screw bosses including brass inserts have been added to its design.

screw dimensions

  • 5x PM3 * 5mm (φ 5.2)
  • 3x PM3 * 25mm (φ 5.2)
Screw brass inserts
_Overview Brass Insert

Rear trapdoors:
To add more versatility the rear plain trapdoor comes with 2 extra doors each having  different openings like VGA and DVI.

Extra rear trap doors
_Overview Rear Trap doors

Bottom trapdoor:
The bottom trapdoor has vents offering a better airflow.

Vents on trapdoor
_Overview Bottom Trap door

Amiga legends:
Case have been endorsed by Amiga legends who added their signature on the bottom shell like they did on the venerable Amiga 1000.

Amiga legends signatures
_Overview Signatures

Parts List:
1x Top Shell case with enhancements
1x Bottom Shell case with enhancements
3x Rear trapdoors (1x Plain/1x VGA/1x DVI)
1x Bottom trapdoor with vents
1x A1200.NET case badge
1x Set of screws
1x Set of rubber feet

Colors & Special Editions:
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HxC_BoardHxC Floppy Emulator installation overview
Locations to install the HxC Floppy emulator with its LCD Panel are described below. Mounting points  are available for both boards as the LCD panel is removable from the mainboard.


HxC elements not installed
Mounting points are visible both for
HxC board and LCD panel.

_HxC Not Installed

HxC elements installed
_HxC Installed

HxC Floppy Emulator Developed by Jean François Del Nero.

cfexternal_400External CF Adapter installation overview
The locations to install both the HxC Floppy emulator and the LCD Panel board are described below. Mounting points are available for both boards as the LCD panel is removable from the main device board.


CF Slot location
A recess is visible on top of PCMCIA slot
Open the recess to make use of CF slot

_CF Slot Recess

External CF Adapter Developed by Kipper2K.

mist_boardMiST FPGA Board installation overview
The board mounts are located on the lower part of bottom shell. As MiST users can utilize the keyboard adapter, the board is mounted at the best suitable position. Although no other realistic alternative exists in the original case design, enough room around the board is available for I/O connectors.


Board mounts location
MiST Board no installed

_MiST Not Installed

Board mounts location
MiST Board installed

 _MiST Installed


MiST – FPGA  Developed by Till Harbaum and Lotharek.

Raspberry_Pi_3RASPBERRY PI 2/3 Board installation overview
Pi mounts are located within upper right part of bottom shell. As PI users can utilize the keyboard adapter, the board is mounted at the best suitable position. Enough room around the board is available for I/O connectors and nice cable management.


Raspberry Pi mounts location
Pi not installed

_Raspberry Not Installed

Raspberry Pi mounts location
PI Board installed

_Raspberry Installed


RaspberryPi_Logo_80Raspberry Pi is a trademark by the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Keyrah_V2Keyrah V2 installation overview
Keyrah V2 keyboard adapter mounts are located at middle top of bottom shell. This location make the keyboard adapter available for Raspberry Pi or MiST board. Original Amiga 1200 keyboard ribbon will fit nicely just at the right place on the keyboard adapter board. I/O connectors are accessible through rear panel I/O slots.


Keyrah mounts location
Keyboard adapter not installed

_Keyrah not Installed

Keyrah mounts location
Keyboard adapter installed

_Keyrah Installed


Keyrah V2©  is a product manufactured and copyrighted by Individual Computers.