When a campaign ends new contributors can still support it for the duration of the IndieGoGo InDemand feature.

IndieGoGo InDemand is a feature offered by IndieGoGo that allows new supporters to join the party once a campaign has ended and only if it reached its Goal.

By supporting a project on IndieGoGo or IndieGoGo Indemand you agree to following statements below:

  1. The contribution you made on said project is non refundable.
    Refund requests are possible under certain circumstances and prior tooling processes where your funds are engaged.
  2. A1200NET is a Team of passionate people running Amiga & retro computer related projects. They do this on their spare time and each team member has his own day job. As such there is no other time of delivery than the one available on the Crowdfunding campaign page.

    Due to the nature of these projects being in heavy industry, delays are part of the projects.
    When delays happen, they can expand the duration and wait time for your rewards to reach you by several months or years.

    – You are advised to always follow campaign updates thoroughly to stay informed and up to date with current progress.

  3. You agree you are not buying a finished nor currently available product. You are merely financially supporting its project.
  4. You agree you are supporting & helping A1200NET to build the tools necessary to produce this item.
  5. As IndieGoGo states it you understand that you do not directly buy a finished product, but only contribute to the process of creating the tools needed in said item production.
    Risk is always part of any crowdfunding project.
    Therefore you understand and agree that A1200.NET Team can’t be held responsible for external elements or events that could lead the Team to not being able to produce the item, and even that such events could render the project to a fail.
    But it’s unlikely to happen :)
  6. #AmigaRulez!