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    The Amiga 500 Accessories Kit contains all the necessary extension cables and adapters for the New A500 case right side trap door. It is the perfect companion for your Raspberry Pi or Apollo Vampire / Apollo SA boards.   Content
    • 1x Ugreen HDMI 2.0 Male To Female Extension Cable (Supports  [email protected])
    • 2x Ugreen USB 2.0 A Male To Female Extension Cable (Speed up to 480Mbps)
    • 1x RJ45 Male to Female Extension cable + screws
    • 1x Dupont Cable 12 pins
    • 1x Micro SD to Micro SD Card Extension Adapter
    • 1x ENC28J60 Ethernet Network Module
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    The unique Amiga 500 Crystal Bundle has all the bells bells and whistles to support both Amiga 500 and Amiga 500 Plus motherboards. The case hosts enhancements such as a new right side trapdoor to ease access to HDMI, USB and Micro SD Cards. A rear trapdoor is also available for RJ45 adapters. The case supports metal threads for screws and offer additional mounting points for Raspberry Pi and Apollo boards. The Crystal Bundle also offers the unique Crystal Tank Mouse shell replacement!
    • Due to its particular nature and technical needs for its production, the Crystal Bundle can't be manufactured ever again. Limited Quantity while stock lasts
    • Note Tank mouse looks darker on photos due to light refraction In real Tank mouse looks identical to case : See here
    What's in the box
    • 1x Tank Mouse Crystal Body (Top & Bottom Shells)
    • 1x Amiga 500 Crystal Case (Top & Bottom Shells)
    • 1x Bottom Trap Door
    • 2x Rear Trap Doors (RJ45 & Plain)
    • 1x Left Side Trap Door
    • 2x Right Side Trap Doors (I/O Ports & Plain)
    • 4x Pads + 1x Floppy button
    • 6x Screws
  • Amiga Mouse Pad A large and high quality mouse pad for your desk. ► Ultra Thin Waterproof PU Leather mouse pad ► Stitched edges ► Non-slippery micro-fiber base. Easy to Clean : Made of heavy-duty and durable PU leather. Just use cloth to wipe it, very easy to clean, wet cloth recommended for a clean swipe. Dimensions : 900mm x 400mm. This large Amiga mouse pad is wide enough to accommodate your mouse, keyboard and more. Shipping Info : Be aware that due to product high grade quality, the weight per item is approx. 600 grams including custom Amiga packaging. Ordering multiple units will impact the total weight and thus also the cost of shipping. For bulk shipping, please contact us.
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    An Amiga Thermo Active Mug! Enjoy coffee in style with this Amiga Thermo Active Mug. The Amiga logo appears while pouring hot water in for a long lasting effect.
  • Description

    A set of springs for Amiga Keyboards. Each bag contains 100 units. Suitable for Keyboard with Mitsumi Hybrid switches.   Content
    • x100 springs


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